Comprehensive Emissions Solutions

COOK CLEAN systems provide comprehensive solutions for reducing compressor packing case emissions.

Although leakage can be minimized by properly specifying and maintaining the packing case, rings and rod, the fundamental design of reciprocating compressors makes gas leakage practically unavoidable. Therefore, some type of barrier must be employed to prevent emissions from escaping into the atmosphere.

COOK CLEAN, with its high performance and flexible range of design options, is the industry leader in purged packing systems.

Predictive Maintenance

The COOK CLEAN purging system provides a means to monitor gas flow and pressure, thereby indicating when purge ring wear is approaching unacceptable limits and the system requires service. The predictive nature of this system can help eliminate unscheduled downtime and improve reliability.

Cook CLEAN packing case 3D model
Cook CLEAN packing case 3D model - with key features identified

Features for Superior Sealing Performance

  • Spiral-wound end cup gasket made of a highly conformable composite stainless steel/nonmetallic material creates a superior seal between the packing case and compressor.
  • O-rings between cups (optional) can provide an added layer of protection from gas leaking between cup faces. If O-rings are not used, fillister nuts with O-rings prevent leakage down the tie-rod holes.
  • Lapped sealing surfaces for all rod rings provide excellent surface-to-surface contact for a tight seal.
  • LF Purge Pac® assembly for the purge/buffer seal extends seal life and simplifies maintenance.
  • Recent design enhancements extend the run time of the packing set and provide extra protection to prevent debris from entering the gas vent.

Optional Capabilities


  • Reduces fugitive emissions
  • Offers easy, economical conversion for most compressors
  • Provides an effective seal, minimizing purge gas consumption
  • Optional monitoring system allows predictive maintenance