Compressor Cylinder Repair Services

A Wide Range of Services

Wear, damage or changing operating requirements can prematurely shorten the service life of a compressor cylinder. Fortunately, expert repair and reconditioning can restore cylinders to original specifications, at a fraction of the time and cost of a new cylinder.

Cook Compression service centers perform a full range of cylinder services, including general repairs, relining and resizing, as well as reconditioning of unlined cylinders with advanced coatings. Our comprehensive cylinder refurbishing services are available for any type of reciprocating compressor.

A true turnkey resource, Cook Compression provides inspection and recommendations, machining labor, replacement parts, clearance tuning, hydro testing, recertification, sealing component upgrades, conversion to non-lubricated service and complete engineering support.

Compressor cylinder relining at DPO facility

Complete Cylinder Repair Services

Cylinder pressure testing at Odessa service facility

High-Pressure Applications

Among our specialties is repair and reconditioning of cylinders in LDPE and other high-pressure services. Experienced technicians perform complete disassembly, inspection, component replacement, reassembly and pressure testing.

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PlasKote50+ Coating

PlasKote50+® coating is an effective way to recondition unlined cylinders without having to add a cylinder liner. It can be applied to any unlined cylinder, regardless of make or design, and allows your cylinder to retain its original pressure rating.

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Related Case Studies

Cylinder repair for S.S. Badger

Expert Cylinder Repair Keeps SS Badger Steaming

Worn cylinder liners were robbing the steamship engine of power, and frequent piston ring failures added considerable expense and downtime. After American Bureau of Shipping-certified repair service from Cook Compression – which included new engineered piston rings, lubrication ports and high-pressure cylinder liners – the Badger could complete an entire season without incurring downtime due to failed piston rings.
Gas lift compressor - cylinder clearance tuning

Cylinder Clearance Tuning Yields Capacity Increase

An offshore oil & gas production platform facing reduced flows engaged Cook Compression to optimize compression to meet new flow requirements. By fine-tuning the cylinder clearance and balancing the gas load between the compressor stages, Cook was able to meet the customer’s performance objectives with the existing equipment.