Compressor Valves

Increase Reliability and Efficiency

Cook Compression is an innovator in the design, manufacture and application of compressor valves. From precision-crafted metal plate valves to the latest high-performance designs with non-metallic internals, we offer solutions for any reciprocating compressor in any type of service.

Cook Compression manufactures complete valve assemblies, as well as plates, discs, rings, buttons, poppets, damper plates, spring plates, leaf springs and other metallic and non-metallic components for any make or model valve.

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Manley compressor valve - open

Valve Innovation

From the creation of the original radiused-disc Manley® valve to the extreme reliability of the patented MOPPET® valve, Cook Compression has pioneered developments in valve designs and materials that yield meaningful improvements in performance.

In 2015, we introduced the Ring Damped Valve for high-speed compressors, a groundbreaking technology that outperforms other valves in both run time and energy efficiency.

What is a Compressor Valve?

Compressor valves are historically the #1 cause of unplanned downtime. In this video, we will explain what a compressor valve does and why they’re a critical component in reciprocating gas compressors.

Compressor Valve Designs and Applications

Many different valve designs are available on the market, but not all perform well in every application. This video will give an overview of several different compressor valve designs and explain which one we recommend for different applications.

Solution Spotlight: Manley® Compressor Valves

In this video, reciprocating compressor expert Skip Foreman will explain how Cook Compression's custom-engineered Manley valve is designed to deliver maximum reliability and optimal performance in the most hostile operating environments.

Solution Spotlight: Moppet® Compressor Valves

This video will highlight Cook Compression's Moppet valves, which combine the performance of the Manley® valve with the positive features of a traditional poppet valve for an easy-to-repair design that performs reliably, even in the most demanding applications.

Elite Engineering

Our highly qualified in-house engineering teams use sophisticated 3D CAD modeling, linear and non-linear finite element analysis (FEA), computerized valve dynamics simulation and other proprietary engineering tools to design high-performing valves for your application needs.

Our expert staff includes engineers with compressor OEM experience, as well as materials scientists.

In addition to custom-engineering the products we make, Cook Compression can provide engineering services for valve analysis, upgrades and conversions.

Ported plate flow valve analysis

Valve Designs

Manley compressor valve cutaway

Radiused-Disc Valves

Manley® valves, featuring radiused thermoplastic elements, set the standard for valve reliability and performance. They are used in a broad range of applications, including at high pressures and in dirty or wet service.
Moppet compressor valve cutaway

Multi-Element Valves

Whether in hydrogen, ethylene, polypropylene, flare gas or dirty natural gas, MOPPET® valves provide unmatched durability and proven efficiency.
Lentus High Pressure Check Valve

High-Pressure Check Valve

Building upon over 100 years of innovation, Cook Compression designed the Lentus valve to enable gas compression in high-pressure and nonlubricated environments, such as hydrogen fueling.
Ring Damped Valve cutaway

Ring Damped Valves

The Ring Damped Valve features a patented damping ring to help provide superior reliability plus greater efficiency in high-speed reciprocating compressor applications.
Disassembled Optima plate valve

Plate Valves

Cook Compression’s Optima™ Series plate valves are custom-engineered for optimum performance in air and process gas compressors and can replace any OEM plate valve.
Non-return (check) valve with plate valve

Non-Return Valves

Protect equipment from reverse flow in the discharge pipework from reciprocating compressors. Cook non-return valves are robust non-slam valves designed for pulsating flow.

Manufacturing Excellence

Cook Compression manufacturing facilities use the most advanced automated equipment, including state-of-the-art CNC lathes, mills and laser metal cutting systems. Laser profiling and proprietary processes ensure stress-free metallic plates and discs.

We also perform in-house injection molding of thermoplastic components. To ensure the purity and performance of finished parts, we use only 100% virgin material of the highest quality base resins.

Laser cutting machine for metallic valve plates at Ellesmere Port facility
Polymer compressor valve internal components

Valve Materials

Depending on application requirements, Cook Compression uses filled and unfilled versions of PEEK, PPS and nylon for plastic valve components. Steel plate valve designs are also available.

Properties of the compressed gas, such as its chemistry, temperature and pressure, as well as application parameters of the compressor, such as its speed, determine the optimum material for each component.

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