Compressor Packing Case Repair Services

Address Gas Loss with Packing Case Repair

Worn rod packing is a major source of inefficiency and gas losses in reciprocating compressors.

Cook Compression repairs all types of packing cases and sealing components, helping operators improve profitability and reduce fugitive emissions.

Packing case repairs
Packing case repair at Ellesmere Port facility

Packing Case Repair Procedure

  1. Examine packing case in its original condition to assist in troubleshooting and performance improvement.
  2. Clean case and separate sealing elements.
  3. Inspect components and replace any worn items.
  4. Machine cups to readjust sealing depths to required tolerances for proper side clearance.
  5. Machine all flat surfaces to parallel to ensure tight gas seal between packing ID and rod OD.
  6. Grind or lap all sealing surfaces to ensure proper sealing of packing to cup and enable tight cup-to-cup seals.
  7. Verify length to match original dimensions.
  8. Reassemble cases using genuine Cook Compression packing, gaskets, O-rings and other parts as needed.
  9. Leak-test passages on cooled cases to ensure integrity.

Cook Compression Advantage

  • Highly experienced staff
  • Extensive engineering and technical support
  • OEM equivalent or better replacement parts
  • Lapped surfaces can be finished to within two light bands of absolute flatness
  • Full traceability and quality assurance
  • Service centers worldwide
Packing case lightband testing

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With packing case sealing components wearing out in less than four months, a petrochemical plant was struggling with excessive product leakage and unacceptable downtime. Cook Compression responded with packing case upgrades that drew on proprietary materials technology and advanced packing ring designs.