Sentrix Gas Flow Measurement

Highly Accurate

Sentrix™ flow measurement technology provides highly accurate, easy-to-use solutions for measuring and tracking packing case vent flow in gas compressors.

Sentrix gas flow meter - insertion meter
Sentrix gas flow meter - inline meter

Emissions Reporting Made Easy

Sentrix meters, which provide direct measurement of gases, are convenient, cost-effective solutions for meeting US EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule Subpart W (40 CFR Part 98). The high accuracy of thermal mass flow measurement satisfies BAMM (Best Available Measurement Methods) requirements and is the only technology capable of measuring extremely low leakage from packing cases.

Flow information is easily accessible for reporting and analysis. Data captured by the portable meter can be stored in the unit and downloaded to a PC or USB storage device, while data from inline and insertion meters is transmitted to user systems through an easy-to-use interface.

Improved Maintenance Planning

Precise measurement of leakage through the packing case vent provides an opportunity to monitor the performance and condition of rod packing. Increasing leakage is an early warning of packing wear, and early detection allows operators to plan for repairs and utilize condition-based maintenance.

Accurate low-flow sensing also provides reliable and accurate data for comparing the effectiveness of various packing options.

Packing case model showing vent line feature


Multiple configurations are available to suit your gas monitoring needs:

Sentrix gas flow meter - portable meter

Sentrix Portable Meter

Portable meters for periodic, manual measurement of gas leakage

Sentrix Inline Flow Meter

Inline meters for continuous, automatic collection of flow data
Sentrix gas flow meter - insertion meter

Sentrix Insertion Meter

Insertion-style inline meters for line sizes ranging from 2 to 24 inches (51 to 610 mm)


All Sentrix meters are accurate to ±1% reading, ± 0.5% full scale (at calibrated conditions). With 100:1 turndown and flow ranges from 0.01 to 559 SCFM (0.01 to 950 NCMH), Sentrix meters measure a wide flow range, with superior sensitivity in extremely low and high flow conditions.

Units feature automatic pressure and temperature compensation and are capable of measuring multiple gases without the need for re-calibration.


Sentrix inline meters are calibrated for a specific gas composition. Calibrations are available for most gases, including nitrogen/air, hydrogen, propane, methane and carbon dioxide. Sentrix portable meters are provided with six field-selectable factory gas calibrations.


Sentrix meters are built for durable performance. Units deliver reliable, clog-free operation, even with lubricated machines.

Portable meters feature high-resolution, touch panel displays for convenient operation.

Sentrix gas flow meter - accuracy in the field


  • Precise, direct flow measurement
  • Simplifies regulatory compliance
  • Allows proactive monitoring and maintenance of packing cases
  • Provides reliable assessment of gas leakage costs
  • Uses thermal mass flow technology for superior accuracy
  • Simple to use, with pre-set calibrations

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At a gas transmission plant, maintenance personnel had no reliable way to measure gas leakage or calculate potential cost savings from upgrades. Cook used a thermal mass flow meter to measure leakage at the distance piece and packing vase vent. The study concluded that the operator was losing nearly $100,000 per year in leakage.

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