Case Study

COOK CLEAN® Sealing System Upgrade Exceeds Required Run Times

Four compressors in a natural gas storage facility were experiencing premature failure due to leakage through the rod rings and packing cups on OEM-installed packing cases. The customer required a minimum 2-year continuous run time on all equipment and the compressors were falling short on the MTBR (Mean Time Between Repair), resulting in unplanned downtime. In addition, the original parts required a prolonged bed-in period during start-up, leading to excessive vent leakage which tripped the alarm and ceased operations.


After evaluating the application, Cook Compression recommended upgrading the packing to a COOK CLEAN® Sealing System which utilizes proven best-in- class technology to reduce fugitive emissions to near- zero levels. COOK CLEAN systems are developed from innovative geometries utilizing high-performance materials and configured specifically for each compressor system. This upgrade included BTRR™ solid ring technology, the Static-Pac® shutdown seal, and ultra-smooth packing cup surfaces.

In addition, Cook Compression provided additional support through rapid code-red response service, inventory management to ensure spare parts were always available, and by developing spares manuals for all compressors on the site.


After installing COOK CLEAN Sealing Systems, packing run times improved to 4 years of continuous operations, exceeding the customer’s requirement. Following the success of the upgraded packing technology, the customer requested COOK CLEAN Sealing System and cylinder ring upgrades across all compressors on this site.

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