Non-Return Valves

Robust Non-Slam Valves

Protect equipment from reverse flow with robust non-slam valves designed for pulsating flow.

Non-return valves (also called check valves) maintain line pressure in the event of unexpected decompression, preventing contamination of the process, protecting equipment against damage, and improving safety.

Cook Compression custom designs each non-return valve based on pipe size, flow rate, pulsations, pressure, temperature and gas composition, to ensure the lowest pressure losses and highest reliability.

Non-return (check) valve with plate valve
Open non-return (check) valve with plate valve

Typical Configurations

Cook Compression non-return valves feature single-piece upper and lower housings in a range of designs. For corrosive applications, housing materials are available to meet NACE specifications.

  • Flanged housings – for flange to flange connection that is less prone to failure
    • Bell-shaped
    • Straight
    • Neck-down
  • Wafer housings – compact, between flange connection to help minimize equipment footprint
  • Specialty housings – custom designs that use Grayloc® connectors

(Grayloc® is a registered trademark of Grayloc Products, L.L.C.)

Straight flanged housing non-return (check) valve
Compact wafer non-return (check) valve


  • Quick, effective seal without slamming or flutter
  • Large flow area for improved efficiency
  • Design options to fit your application
  • Optimized for pipe size, flow rate, pulsations, pressure, temperature and gas composition
  • Hydro, PMI, leak, fugitive emission, and PED testing