PEEK-Based TruTech Materials

Proprietary PEEK Formulations

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) materials are the second most common type of material for reciprocating compressor piston, rider and packing rings (after PTFE). They may also be specified for valve components in high-temperature environments.

The TruTech® materials line features a number of proprietary PEEK compounds to meet specific operating conditions.

UP pressure breaker rod ring
Piston ring and riders

PEEK Material Properties

PEEK, like PTFE, has broad resistance to most common chemicals in the oil & gas industry and is capable of running continuously at temperatures up to 250°C (490°F). PEEK materials are generally stronger than PTFE materials.

While fillers are not always required with PEEK, they may be incorporated to enhance material performance for specific operating conditions. PTFE and other self-lubricants, such as graphite and MoS2, are typically used to reduce the relatively higher coefficient of friction of PEEK.

Reinforcing and wear resistant fillers may also be introduced to further improve mechanical and wear properties.

Material Grades Tailored to Operating Requirements

Depending on compressor lubrication, gas composition, temperature and other operating conditions, Cook Compression may propose PEEK materials of standard, upgrade or specialty grade. For specific material properties, please reference the TruTech materials catalog.

Standard PEEK Materials

Standard grade PEEK materials are suitable for most lubricated compressor service and include:

• K1000
• K1030
• K1050

Upgrade PEEK Materials

Upgraded PEEK materials provide more lubricity and higher strength than our standard grade. These materials include:

• K2310
• K2330
• K2340

Specialty PEEK Materials

Our specialty grade PEEK materials use premium fillers and proprietary formulations to meet the requirements of difficult applications, including non-lubricated dry gas service. TruTech specialty PEEK materials include:

  • K3400
  • K3410
  • K3420
  • K3430
  • K3510
  • K3520

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