High-Precision Lubrication System

Shield TML provides precise discharge of lubricant to your equipment. With powered electromechanical drive, Shield TML operates automatically, independent of temperature and counter-pressure, to extend bearing life and reduce maintenance costs and safety concerns.

Shield TML Lubrication System

Precise Lubricant Metering

Shield TML is used for single-point lubrication on applications including fin fans, pumps, electric motors and blowers. Thanks to precise lubricant metering, Shield TML is ideal for lubrication with specified lubricant quantities.

Shield TML is protected against dust and water jets (IP 65), subject to correct assembly of the individual parts.

Battery Powered Shield TMLb

Shield TMLb utilizes a battery pack to power the electromechanical drive. The desired discharge period and LC size can easily be selected with the setting button and are immediately visible in the LCD.

The current operating status is indicated on the LCD and visible all around via the LED signal lights (red/green), which are recognizable from a distance.

Externally Powered Shield TMLe

Shield TMLe is the optimal solution to digitize your lubrication. Its unique design is supplied with external power via a cable to power the electromechanical drive. The operating status can be transmitted to a PLC through this connection.

Shield TMLe has two integrated operating modes to allow for flexible use. The TIME mode dispenses lubricant based on operating hours, while the IMPULSE mode dispenses a precisely defined quantity of lubricant when voltage is applied.


  • Electromechanical drive
  • Battery pack or external power supply

Setting and Activation

  • LCD screen with fast, simple push button setting
  • Discharge setting based on months, operating hours, or defined lubricant quantity
  • Settings can be changed at any time
  • LED signal lights indicate operation or error
  • Manual purge via push button


  • Remote mounting up to 5 m (14.4 ft)
  • Installation outside of dangerous areas or at easy-to-reach places


  • Volume: 60 cc (2.03 oz), 120 cc (4.06 oz) or 250 cc (8.45 oz)
  • Greases up to NLGI 2/oils


  • Operates reliably from -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Year-round outdoor use possible


  • IP 65 protection against dust and water jets