High-Speed Compressor Valve

The Ring Damped Valve is a new breed of plate valve for high-speed reciprocating compressors. It lasts longer and reduces energy costs by up to 10% compared to conventional valves.

Superior Reliability, Run Times

The Ring Damped Valve incorporates a patented damping ring to slow the velocity of the sealing element before it contacts the guard during valve opening. The reduction in speed minimizes the impact forces applied on the sealing element, extending the useful life of the valve assembly. It also allows the valve to run at higher lifts than traditional valves, providing increased effective flow area.

Greater Efficiency, Energy Savings

Higher lifts and unique design features in the Ring Damped Valve produce an effective flow area that is 10% larger (on average) than plate valves of similar size. The increased flow results in a 10% reduction in energy usage by the compressor.

For most applications, energy savings alone will ensure a 100% return on investment within one year of operation.


  • Higher lift increases flow, cuts energy usage by an average of 10%
  • Damping ring reduces impact forces for longer valve life
  • Precision-engineered springs ensure timely closing
  • Standard threaded washer facilitates valve installation and removal
  • Maximum flow is achieved through optimum combination of port row widths and pitch circles
  • Reinforced plate material protects against impact fatigue
  • Heavy-duty springs withstand high speeds and lifts up to 0.150 inch (3.8 mm)
  • Superior materials provide high resistance to corrosion and wear

Typical Applications

High-speed, short-stroke gas compressors in:

  • Natural gas transportation and storage
  • Natural gas production
  • Refining
  • Chemical and petrochemical processes

Worldwide Technical Support

Cook Compression service centers offer dedicated support for Ring Damped Valves, ensuring that your repair and reconditioning needs are met with superior service.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing operations are equipped to handle both large and custom orders, while assuring short lead times.

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At a gas processing facility in Texas, roughly half of the OEM valves in the first-stage cylinders had to be repaired or replaced every year. With the Ring Damped Valve, Cook has been able to extend service life and reduce valve-related expenses for the operator.

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Ring Damped Valve Saves Thousands in Energy Costs for Gas Gathering Facility

The quest for greater energy efficiency motivated a U.S. gas gathering facility to replace its compressor valves with Ring Damped Valves. Analysis of the data revealed substantial benefits in valve flow and energy usage.

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Gas Storage Facility Sets New Records for Valve Performance and Reliability

When compared to traditional aftermarket plate valves in the second-stage cylinder of a reciprocating compressor working at 896 rpm to process gas of 95% CO2, Ring Damped Valves showed 11% higher flow (MMSCFD) and lower impact levels – resulting in improved economic performance and longer valve life.

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