Ring Damped Valve for High-Speed Compressors

Cut Horsepower Usage by 10%

Looking for a way to make meaningful improvements in your high-speed compressor operations?

It’s as easy as changing a compressor valve.

The patented Ring Damped Valve runs reliably at higher lifts, increasing flow area and reducing energy consumption by 10% (on average).

What’s more, the damping ring, along with other design features, cushions opening and closing impacts – so valves last longer and you avoid downtime and repair expenses.

The bottom line: You get a rapid return on investment and substantial ongoing savings without sacrificing run time.

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Ring Damped Valve cutaway

Typical Applications

High-speed, short-stroke gas compressors in:

Case Studies

MMSCFd usage reduction with Ring Damped Valve upgrade

Ring Damped Valve Saves Thousands in Energy Costs for Gas Gathering Facility

The quest for greater energy efficiency motivated a U.S. gas gathering facility to replace its compressor valves with patented Cook Ring Damped Valves. Analysis of the data revealed substantial benefits in valve flow and energy usage.
Impact level reduction with Ring Damped Valve upgrade

Gas Storage Facility Sets New Records for Valve Performance and Reliability

When compared to traditional aftermarket plate valves in the second-stage cylinder of a reciprocating compressor working at 896 rpm to process gas of 95% CO2, Ring Damped Valves showed 11% higher flow (MMSCFD) and lower impact levels – resulting in improved economic performance and longer valve life.

Robust Valve Portfolio

Cook Compression is an innovator in the design, manufacture and application of compressor valves, offering solutions for any reciprocating compressor in any type of service.

Manley compressor valve cutaway

Manley® Valve

Since its introduction in 1972, the Manley valve has set standards that have revolutionized the compressor valve industry. It is used in a broad range of applications, including at high pressures and in dirty or wet service.
Upgraded Moppet compressor valve cutaway


Whether in hydrogen, ethylene, polypropylene, flare gas or dirty natural gas, the multi-disc element MOPPET valve offers a proven, rugged construction able to extend service life, even in the presence of debris.
Optima plate valve

Optima™ Series Plate Valve

Optima Series plate valves are custom-engineered for optimum performance in air and process gas compressors, and can replace any OEM plate valve.