Cook Compression Denver service center

Cook Opens New Denver Service Center

5401 Oswego St, Suite B
Denver, CO 80239

+1 303 750 1991
+1 800 221 8433 (toll-free)

+1 303 375 9425


Cook Compression has opened a new regional service center in Denver, Colorado. The facility is positioned to handle a broad range of gas gathering and petroleum refining requirements for compression aftermarket service and parts.

The 12,000 sq. ft. facility has been designed from the ground up to serve as a full-capability reciprocating gas compressor component repair center and regional sales office. Focused on high quality and quick response, the facility is fully staffed with sales, customer service, and operations personnel.

The Denver operation is the latest addition to Cook Compression’s extensive and growing network of service facilities. It offers a full line of mechanical and machining services, and operates as a strategic stocking location for aftermarket parts. Compressor work performed at the facility includes repair and replacement of packing cases, valves, rings and rider bands, pistons and piston rods, cylinder refurbishment, and the refurbishment or replacement of related parts. When needed, the Denver Service Center is able to draw on the support of Cook Compression’s global engineering and technical resources.

Cook Compression’s regional sales office, which has served the area since 1975, is also relocating to the new service center. Phil Schulz, Regional Sales Manager, leads sales and marketing. Laura Porterfield and Phyllis Goins, long-time Cook employees, will continue to provide customer service and administrative support for the operation. The service and repair operations team includes Mark Almon, Manager, and industry veterans Jim Long and Jeff Wilfinger. Together with the sales team, this group brings a combined 100 years of service and gas compression experience to this operation.

The Denver Service Center is ready to take on both everyday requirements for repair and service, as well as the most challenging problems.

Dec 9, 2008 | Locations