The Right Amount of Lubricant, at the Right Time

Shield lubricators extend bearing life by delivering a consistent, precise supply of clean lubricant. Designed for fans, blowers, electric motors, pumps and conveyors, these automatic lubrication systems increase equipment reliability, decrease maintenance costs and reduce safety risks.

Shield Lubricator Product Line

The High Cost of Bearing Failure

Bearing failures present a significant challenge for industrial facilities. They lead to unscheduled downtime, high maintenance costs and safety concerns.

Multiple factors can contribute to bearing failure, but a majority are related to unsuitable, aged or insufficient lubricant.

Applying proper lubrication is critical to long bearing life and will increase equipment uptime, delivering a reliability advantage to your facility.

Increase Equipment Reliability

Shield lubricators:

  • Supply small amounts of fresh lubricant to your equipment at short intervals to maintain proper bearing lubrication
  • Purge bearing seals with clean grease, preventing bearing contamination from water, solid contaminants and dust

Decrease Maintenance Costs

Shield lubricators:

  • Significantly reduce the time required to lubricate equipment
  • Eliminate continuous monitoring by facility personnel
  • Extend maintenance intervals

Reduce Safety Risks

Shield lubricators:

  • Decrease the interface between employees and operating equipment, reducing the likelihood of workplace accidents
  • Increase safety in extreme heat, extreme cold or other harsh environments, where the physical demands of performing regular manual lubrication increase the risk of fatigue, heat exhaustion or hypothermia
  • Can be mounted in safe, easy-to-reach locations at ground level, eliminating exposure of field personnel to difficult and dangerous lubrication tasks

Shield Lubricator Designs

Shield lubricators offer multiple solutions to meet the demands of your equipment and operating environment.

Shield AGL

Flexible, gas-driven lubrication system suitable for single-point grease or oil lubrication. Easy setting and activation using a rotary switch.

Shield TGL Lubrication System

Shield TGL

Temperature-independent, gas-driven lubrication system for challenging environments with high temperature fluctuations. Features a digital display with push button settings.

Shield TML Lubrication System

Shield TML

Electromechanically driven lubrication system provides reliable, precise discharge of lubricant independent of temperature and counter-pressure. Uses battery or external power to power the drive.

Easy, Automatic Lubrication

Shield lubricators are easy to set up, easy to use, and provide immediate benefits.

Simply install a Shield lubricator at any lubrication point and set the lubricant amount and discharge period – from 1 to 12 months.

Once activated, Shield lubricators continuously discharge fresh lubricant into the lubrication point, while the equipment is running.