Proven Performance

Cook Compression is a worldwide leader in the design and production of precision-made piston ring seals and rider rings. We earned this reputation by working closely with compressor operators and OEMs, responding to their evolving needs with innovative products and materials.

Piston Ring and Rider

Designed for Durability

Rider rings prevent the piston from contacting the cylinder wall, while piston rings reduce gas flow between the piston and cylinder.

Cook Compression optimizes rider ring geometry, features, dimensions and materials to reduce loads and provide maximum service life, even in the most demanding applications.

Cook piston rings are engineered to limit leakage with lasting reliability.

All piston ring and rider materials are tested and validated through engineering analyses and Cook’s in-house materials laboratory and test compressors. Materials include cast iron, bronze, specially engineered alloys and high-performance thermoplastics.

Manufacturing Value

Cook Compression manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment allow consistent machining to precise tolerances. Carefully controlled manufacturing ensures that each ring maintains uniform contact with the cylinder for dependable sealing.

Stringent quality assurance gives you the confidence that Cook rings will perform reliably time after time.

Cook Compression Advantage

  • Extensive engineering support
  • Millions of piston rings and riders supplied for a wide range of industrial, petrochemical and natural gas applications
  • Patented designs, with numerous features available to customize rings for specific conditions
  • Comprehensive material options, including TruTech™ engineered thermoplastics
  • Industry-leading quality assurance program

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On a non-lubricated three-stage compressor in France, rapid ring and packing wear was causing a reduction in machine throughput. As part of a comprehensive solution, Cook recommended modifications to the piston and rider ring styles on all three stages of the tandem piston.

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Beverage Producer Taps into Material Upgrade to Extend Piston Ring and Rider Life

For a large beverage producer in the Philippines, Cook Compression was able to significantly extend piston and rider ring life with an upgrade manufactured from TruTech P2210 material.

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