Best-in-Class Designs and Materials

Cook Compression supplies an array of high-quality reciprocating compressor components, along with services and systems to install, control, monitor, maintain and repair them.

We know that no one-size-fits-all remedy can address differences in machinery, applications, environments and objectives. That’s why we take an individualized approach to every job.

Our in-house engineering teams design each solution to the specific operating conditions, applying sophisticated modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), valve dynamics simulation and advanced materials expertise to extend maintenance intervals and optimize performance.

Engineered compressor components
Reciprocating compressor valves

Compressor Valves

Cook Compression engineers reliability and efficiency into every valve. Due to our custom-engineering approach, our range of plate, radiused disc, multi-element, ring damped and non-return valves can meet the needs of any reciprocating compressor, in any type of service.

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Compressor packing cases

Packing Cases

Cook offers packing cases for use at pressures ranging from vacuum to 50,000 psi, in lubricated or non-lubricated service. Advanced designs, including features for lubrication, venting, purging and cooling, are combined with materials expertise to address unique application challenges.

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Compressor rod rings

Rod Rings

Cook Compression specializes in rod ring application for the improvement of compressor reliability, efficiency and run times. Our custom seal ring, pressure breaker, vent ring, and purge/buffer ring solutions consistently outperform traditional components.

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Oil wiper rings

Oil Wipers

Cook Compression oil wiper packing is designed for the optimum balance of strength, flexibility and durability to effectively prevent crankcase oil from entering the pressure packing.

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Piston rings and rider rings

Piston Rings and Riders

Cook Compression rider rings are optimized to reduce loads, while our piston rings limit leakage. Comprehensive material options and precision machining ensure reliability and long life.

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Pistons and compressor rods

Pistons and Rods

Cook pistons and rods feature precision engineering and manufacturing. From material selection to design, machining to high-performance finishes, we provide high-quality pistons and rods for lasting service.

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Hyper compressor packing case

Hyper Compressor Components

Cook Compression applies proprietary designs and metallurgies to meet the high-performance demands of partition packing, rod rings and hyper cups in hyper compressors.

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Sentrix inline flow meter

Gas Flow Measurement

Sentrix™ flow measurement technology provides highly accurate, easy-to-use solutions for measuring and tracking packing case vent flow in gas compressors.

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Fuel gas injector valve - Clark engine style

Fuel Gas Injector Valves

The Rebecca® Cartridge Valve System from Cook Compression can save time, simplify maintenance and maximize productivity. It is also an easy retrofit for most integral engines.

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Engineered Polymers

Cook creates high-performance, engineered thermoplastics and fluoropolymers, with all compounding, sintering and machining performed in-house. These advanced materials are used confidently in our own components and are available to other manufacturers in a range of industries.

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advanced polymer materials