Welcome to Cook Compression U

Cook Compression U is a new webinar series designed to give you knowledge and tools to evaluate your compressors’ operation and make decisions that drive profit. Experienced members of our engineering and sales teams discuss compressor fundamentals, common challenges, best practices and proven solutions. Each 1-hour live webinar also provides an opportunity for you to ask questions.

With webinar topics focused on topics such as common reciprocating compressor challenges, failure modes and maintenance best practices, Cook Compression U is designed to help you do your job.

Recorded Webinars

Addressing Common Reciprocating Compressor Challenges

Improve Valve Reliability
February 10, 2021

For most compressor operators, valve failure is the most common cause of unplanned compressor shutdowns. Attend our 1-hour webinar to better understand why valve failures are so common and what you can do about it. We address best practices for valve maintenance, as well as how to evaluate when a valve upgrade may become the more economical solution.

Extend Wear Component Life
February 17, 2021

Like compressor valves, pressure packing cases, piston rings and rider bands will see many millions of cycles per year and are critical compressor components. Explore the factors affecting component life, review maintenance best practices, and assess possible modifications that can help extend your maintenance intervals.

Limit Packing Case Leakage
February 24, 2021

The packing case is the primary source of reciprocating compressor fugitive emissions. This webinar covers the fundamentals of packing case operation and discusses three ways to reduce leakage along the piston rod. Among the topics, is effective packing case sealing when a compressor is in standby mode.