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Cook Compression U is a webinar series designed to give you the knowledge and tools to evaluate your compressors’ operation and make decisions that drive profit. Experienced members of our engineering and sales teams discuss compressor fundamentals, common challenges, best practices and proven solutions. Each 1-hour session provides an opportunity for you to ask questions.

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Expect More: How Advanced Materials Can Enhance Reciprocating Compressor Performance

October 28, 2021

Efficient, reliable reciprocating compressor performance depends heavily on the appropriate application of materials for critical components such as packing and piston rings. Gas types, pressures, temperatures, humidity levels, speeds, lubrication conditions, etc., all require consideration. Over the years, specialized composite materials made from high-end polymers and additives have been developed to address the challenges of dynamic gas sealing at very high speeds, high pressures or other arduous conditions.

This webinar will provide insight into the materials science associated with the development, testing and application of advanced polymer composites for reciprocating compressors, including non-lubricated applications. Particular focus will be given to key material properties and selection criteria, and how the latest advances enhance durability and effectiveness.

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