Expert Compressor Packing Solutions

Reduce Leakage, Minimize Downtime

Under Any Operating Conditions

Cook Compression combines advanced packing case and rod ring designs with extensive materials expertise to deliver high-performing solutions, no matter the compressor environment.

Whether you’re compressing gas at the wellhead, pipeline compressor station, refinery or petrochemical plant, or compressing air for PET bottling or air separation plants, we have specialized packing cases that can improve your uptime, efficiency and environmental compliance.

Advanced packing case and rod ring designs
BTUU seal ring rendering - low-emissions rod ring technology

Low-Leakage Rod Rings

The patented, gapless design of Cook Compression low-emissions rod rings eliminates leak paths to seal more effectively and reduce fugitive emissions below measurable limits.

Vortex Cooling packing cup 3D model

Vortex Cooling® Packing

Improve heat transfer and extend sealing component life with a cooled packing case design fully compliant with API 618, 5th edition.

LF Purge Pac assembly

LF Purge Pac® Assembly

Apply patented Low-Friction technology to achieve a virtually leak-proof chamber for the buffer medium while reducing rod temperatures for longer packing case life.

Proprietary TruTech® Materials

Incorporating the latest advances in polymer science, TruTech materials from Cook Compression provide superior durability and optimum performance characteristics for reciprocating compressor sealing components, including packing rings, wiper rings, piston rings and rider rings.

Special formulations provide high-performance sealing and lasting reliability for even the most demanding non-lubricated, dry-gas and high-temperature applications.

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Case Studies

Petrochemical plant

Upgrade Doubles Packing Case Life in Dirty Gas

With packing case sealing components on a non-lubricated compressor wearing out at intervals of less than four months, a petrochemical plant sought an upgrade to reduce product leakage and equipment downtime.

Cook Compression applied low-leakage packing ring designs with proprietary TruTech™ materials on all three stages, more than doubling the mean time between maintenance and creating significant savings.

Packing case upgrade to address vent leakage

Upgrade Extends Service Life, Reduces Vent Leakage

Operators at an aromatics plant were searching for ways to increase rod packing life and reduce seal leakage on a lubricated compressor in hydrogen service.

After a field inspection, Cook Compression proposed a comprehensive packing upgrade that included cooled packing cases with advanced pressure breakers, low-leak seal rings and low-friction vent seal technology. The upgrade achieved more than 18 months of continuous run time and gas vent leakage near zero scfm.

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