Ring Damped Valve video still

New Video Demonstrates Technology Behind Ring Damped Valve Performance

Video Release Coincides with Launch of New Cook Website

Cook Compression, a global resource for engineered compressor solutions delivering proven performance in reciprocating compressors, has just released a new video detailing how the Ring Damped Valve provides exceptional reliability and improved efficiency.

The Ring Damped Valve is an innovative redesign of traditional plate valves for high-speed reciprocating compressors. At the center of the Ring Damped Valve’s success is the use of a patented damping ring to reduce impact forces during valve opening. The ring uses damping mass more effectively than a traditional damping plate, resulting in lower impact velocity and less impact force during valve opening. This impact reduction allows the valve to run at higher lifts than traditional valves, leading to an increase in effective flow area and a reduction in energy costs.

The video examines the Ring Damped Valve technology piece by piece and includes a finite element analysis (FEA) of the impact forces on the valve plate compared to traditional plate damped valves. The real-world return on investment for customers is highlighted in two case studies.

Watch the Ring Damped Valve video >

Cook previewed the Ring Damped Valve video in its booth at the GMRC Gas Machinery Conference last month. Now, the video is being featured on the newly launched Cook Compression website. The updated, mobile-responsive website features improved navigation, a comprehensive look at the Cook portfolio of solutions, and a world map of Cook Compression facilities, representatives and partners.

Nov 11, 2016 | Press Release