Cook Compression Oklahoma City Service Center - interior

Oklahoma City Service Center Moves to New Facility

6836 Pat Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73149

+1 405 677 3153


Cook Compression recently completed a move of their Oklahoma City Service Center to a new facility. Although only a short distance from the previous building, the move created significant opportunities for improvements that benefit both Cook customers and Cook personnel.

The move comes at an opportune time, as rising demand for repair services in the region helped stimulate the move to a larger building. Along the way, a Cook planning team took advantage of the opportunity to make improvements in the work environment.

“The expansion certainly gives us more space,” explains Jeff Huston, Cook VP of North American Service Operations. “But just as important was the opportunity to design every inch of that space to streamline work flow and support process improvements. As part of our Continuous Improvement culture, we are always looking to implement changes that boost quality, reduce turnaround times, eliminate waste and increase the value of our services to customers.”

“That commitment extends from our facilities and equipment to our people. Every shop employee in every Service Center is tested and Cook Quality Certified in order to comply with Cook Compression’s exclusive World of Quality documented procedures for all repair and manufacturing functions.”

“It’s also vitally important to us that our personnel have a safe, comfortable environment to work in each day. The new facility helps us enhance that with improved climate control, better lighting and other advantages. This move is much more than just a change of address.”

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Jan 3, 2014 | Locations