TruTech engineered polymer materials

New TruTech Materials

Advanced materials provide high performance in oil wiper ring and non-lube, dry gas seal ring applications

Cook Compression is pleased to announce the availability of two new TruTech® materials.

  • TruTech 3110* is a recently developed, highly effective wiper ring material resulting from testing on a Cook in-house test compressor. TruTech 3110 material may be used with most wiper ring styles and provides better wiping performance than any other material tested to date. For more information, see the data sheet.
  • TruTech 3330** material is the culmination of development work on a premium material for non-lube, dry gas – especially bone-dry gas. This PTFE-based material also performs well in wet, non-lube CO2. For more information, see the data sheet.
About TruTech Materials

The TruTech line is a family of innovative, engineered materials available exclusively from Cook Compression. Incorporating the latest advances in polymer science, TruTech materials offer superior performance in component durability and critical performance characteristics.

Materials Technology

The Cook Compression Materials Technology program integrates materials research with extensive engineering resources and more than a century of practical experience. New materials receive intensive laboratory analysis and undergo comprehensive testing in Cook Compression in-house test compressors before release to the field. Every Cook product incorporates both leading materials technology and the industry’s most rigorous quality standards in manufacturing.

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*As of January 2021, this material is referenced as TruTech P1110.

**As of January 2021, this material is referenced as TruTech P3330.

Mar 24, 2010 | Product Release