Ring Damped Valve cutaway

Cook Compression Introduces Ring Damped Valve

Visitors at the recent Gas Machinery Conference had a firsthand look at a new technology that redefines plate valve design in high-speed compressors: Cook Compression’s Ring Damped Valve.

Operators using the new Ring Damped Valve are reporting energy savings of 10% on average. What’s more, the Ring Damped Valve has significantly outlasted every valve they have replaced.

A key feature of the patented design is a uniquely engineered damping ring, which cushions impacts and enables internal components to last longer. The Ring Damped Valve design also allows the valve to operate reliably at higher lifts for increased flow area and greater efficiency.

To learn more, visit the product information page.

To discuss using the Ring Damped Valve in your application, locate your Cook representative.

Oct 9, 2015 | Product Release