Cook Compression Great Lakes Service Center - La Porte, IN

Great Lakes Service Center Now Open

La Porte, IN, facility provides full range of service solutions for gas compression

La Porte Service Center: 219-324-9400

Customer Service Parts: 800-767-6689

Machinery operators in the Great Lakes region now have a resource for world-class repair services, replacement components, field mechanical services and engineering support. The new Cook Compression Service Center in La Porte, Indiana, is now fully operational.

According to Jeff Huston, General Manager of North American Service Operations for Cook Compression, “The new facility is staffed and equipped to efficiently handle everything from routine repairs to the most challenging problems. In addition to providing services, we manufacture rings and riders, furnish new pistons and rod assemblies, and serve as an Authorized Ariel Parts Distributor. We are pleased to offer customers in the region an alternative for faster response, improved cost-effectiveness and comprehensive engineering support.”

Capabilities of the new service center include:

  • Reconditioning of compressor valves and related components
  • Compressor cylinder relining, resizing, and overall repair
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of cylinders
  • Compressor piston repair and non-lube conversions
  • Compressor piston rod resurfacing and wear-resistant hardening
  • Compressor connecting rod repair
  • Pressure and wiper packing case repair and component replacement
  • Crosshead rebabbitting and repair
  • Crosshead slide repair and resizing
  • Compressor frame aligning and boring
  • Field mechanical services, including routine field work, contract maintenance, and turnkey projects
  • Power side engine component repairs, including power cylinder heads, power piston and connecting rod assemblies, starting air valves, fuel valves, oil pumps, and water pumps
  • Repair of related machinery, such as gear-type oil pumps and air distributors

To learn more or to discuss your machinery service needs, contact the Great Lakes Service Center today.

Aug 30, 2011 | Locations