Cook Compression® Signs Authorised Service Partner for the Territory of Benelux

Cook Compression® Signs Authorised Service Partner for the Territory of Benelux

Certified Valve and Packing Case Repairs from Local Service Provider  

Ellesmere Port, U.K., September 18, 2023 – Cook Compression is proud to announce CF Rotating Service BV as its exclusive Authorised Service Partner within the territory of Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands). Cook Compression Authorised Service Partners are certified to provide local compressor valve and packing case repair and reconditioning to end-users.

Backed by more than a century of service to the gas compression industry, Cook Compression applies extensive technical expertise to improve reciprocating compressor performance around the globe. Through its Authorised Service Partner program, Cook Compression is expanding access to its first-rate services and knowledge and helping to minimize downtime of critical equipment.

After training by Cook personnel, Authorised Service Partners must pass a rigorous audit of their processes and equipment. They are held to strict quality standards and guarantee their work for warranty periods established by Cook.  Each valve that leaves the partners’ facilities is quality tested using a specially designed Cook Compression valve air test bench. Service capabilities apply to any brand compressor valve or packing case. Authorised Service Partners also have access to Cook Compression expertise to partner with customers on analysis, upgrades, and additional reciprocating compressor components and services.

Founded in 2015, CF Rotating Service is staffed with highly experienced technicians and offers a variety of technical support for major brands of reciprocating and rotating equipment. Services include engine, compressor, and turbine repair and overhaul; maintenance; onsite machining; and new engine commissioning.

“We are proud to partner with CF Rotating Service to provide expert reciprocating compressor service and OEM-quality components within Benelux, an area with a high density of reciprocating compressors and customers who demand local service capabilities to support outages and compressor stops.  Working with CF will position Cook Compression to best meet those needs,” said Dean Lewis, Cook Compression VP Aftermarket, EMEA. “With our companies’ shared commitment to responsiveness and reliability, our customers can expect the highest levels of service.”

CF Rotating founder, Commer Freitas, added, “We are thrilled to be chosen as an agent for Cook Compression. Through this partnership, we bring together the best of both worlds – sustainable, high-quality components and robust operational capabilities, with short lead times and excellent service.”

About CF Rotating Service

CF Rotating Service is a young player in the gas compressor industry, formed by merging experts, thinkers, and doers from the compressor world. They are specialists who believe that things should be different from the old-school service and mentality of a small company. They offer top-notch technical experts, quick response times, respect and knowledge sharing among personnel, and simply deliver on promises. This has proven to be a fantastic formula that is highly appreciated by customers. CF Rotating excels not only in field service but also in repairs and maintenance serving OEM companies and other businesses in the petrochemical sector.

Sep 18, 2023 | Press Release, Partners