Cook Compression Authorised Service Partner Krio-Serwis in Poland

Cook Compression Names Authorised Service Partner for Poland

High-Quality, Local Reciprocating Compressor Services for the Gas Market

Cook Compression is proud to announce that it has signed Krio-Serwis Ltd. as its exclusive Authorised Service Partner for the gas sector in Poland.

Backed by more than 100 years of service to the gas compression industry, Cook Compression applies extensive technical expertise and application knowledge, together with high-performing products, advanced material capabilities and expert repairs, to improve reciprocating compressor performance around the globe.

Cook Compression trains and certifies Authorised Service Partners to provide expert repair and reconditioning for compressor valves and packing cases in localized service centers. These partners have passed a rigorous audit of their processes and equipment, are held to strict quality standards, and guarantee their work for warranty periods established by Cook. Authorised Service Partners also have access to Cook Compression expertise to partner with customers on analysis, upgrades and additional reciprocating compressor components and services.

Krio-Serwis, based in Odolanow, Poland, is a well-established service provider in the country’s oil & gas industry. Krio-Serwis specializes in the maintenance, overhaul, repair, reconditioning, retrofitting and control systems of gas engines, integral engine-compressors and natural gas reciprocating compressors. The company has a workshop dedicated to comprehensive gas engine head regeneration and provides expertise in a wide scope of diagnostics and measurement, including vibration and shaft deflection. Krio-Serwis can also provide prefabrication and installation of technological and processing equipment, such as vacuum insulated pipelines (VIP), with its team of qualified experts.

As a Cook Compression Authorised Service Partner, Krio-Serwis adds repair and refurbishment of gas compressor valves, pressure packing cases and oil wiper packings to its capabilities, backed by specialized equipment and original Cook Compression parts.

“We are pleased to add Krio-Serwis to our network of Authorised Service Partners and provide our combined expertise to reciprocating compressor operators in Poland.” said Dean Lewis, Cook Compression VP Aftermarket, Europe & Russia.

Cook Compression now has six Authorised Service Partners across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, delivering compressor optimization through quality local partners to help customers minimize downtime of critical equipment.

Jan 8, 2020 | Press Release, Partners