Valve Repair and Reconditioning

Piston compressors are only as good as their suction and delivery valves. If valves are not in first-class condition, compressors become inefficient and operating costs increase.

No matter what type of compressor valves you use, Cook Compression offers repair and reconditioning services – and guarantees that the service life of the reconditioned valve is equivalent to that of a brand-new valve operating in similar conditions.

Valve Reconditioning Process

  1. Valves are degreased and stripped into component parts for inspection.
  2. Seats and guards are processed to remove all traces of foreign deposits.
  3. Valve plate, coil springs and delivery valve studs are scrapped.
  4. Remaining parts are inspected and approved for further service.
  5. All re-usable internal moving parts are thoroughly cleaned in polishing machines.
  6. Damaged valve seats and guards are re-machined within original manufacturers’ tolerances to maintain their design performance characteristics.
  7. All valve seat sealing faces are lapped to stringent, approved standards to ensure perfect finish and flatness.
  8. Seats and guards are electroplated in a protective zinc passivate finish if necessary.
  9. The complete refurbished valve is assembled and given its final inspection and test before despatch.

Improve Valve Reliability and Efficiency with a Valve Upgrade