Piston and Rod Services

When compressor rods and pistons are worn or damaged, operators need a full-service resource capable of delivering an effective solution. Our skilled technicians and engineers provide rod and piston solutions that enhance compressor reliability.

Cook Compression service centers restore worn compressor rods, plungers and pistons to as-new condition. From inspection through final assembly, Cook delivers all materials, machining labor, logistics and technical support.

Piston and Rod Repair Capabilities

  • Compressor rod resurfacing and grinding
  • Thread rolling
  • Wear-resistant induction hardening on uncoated rods
  • High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) spray technology for piston rods and pump plungers
  • Repairs for all types of pistons
  • Restoration of ring and rider band grooves
  • Manufacturing and installation of new piston rings and rider bands
  • Conversions to non-lubricated service

Quality Replacement Components

If worn compressor rods and pistons exceed condemnation limits, Cook manufactures replacement components backed by full warranties for materials and workmanship. All replacement products meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.

Next-day Piston Rod Production Restores Plant Operation

Compressor Piston Inspection
Rod induction-hardening