Project Services

Harness the full resources of Cook Compression for an in-depth understanding of your processes, flows, systems and components – and to define a path forward for integrated optimization.

From specialized technical assistance to complete, turnkey project planning and execution, the Cook Compression Projects Group provides the partner you need to boost profitability and productivity.

Achieve Your Asset Management Objectives

  • Application analysis through engineering studies
  • Performance optimization – engineering efficiency and flow to suit application requirements
  • Reapplication of current frames and cylinders to updated processes
  • Replacement or modification of major components
  • Life cycle improvement to maximize run times
  • Emissions reduction for compliance and safety
  • Reduction in operating costs

Add Our Expertise to Your Team

Cook Compression offers in-depth knowledge of compressor operations and applications; testing and diagnostic capabilities; OEM-quality components; and the maintenance and repair services to keep your operations running smoothly.

We can supplement your internal resources or step in to provide complete project management.

  • Coordination through project manager
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Operational and financial control from concept through commissioning and warranty
  • Engineering studies to identify performance limitations and determine solutions
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Upgraded part technologies
  • Repairs in Cook Compression Service Centers
  • Field work and supervision
  • Complete documentation, manuals and “as-builts” upon completion

Achieving Capacity Increases with Existing Equipment

Projects Group