Delivering Breakthrough Performance

The demands on reciprocating compressors continue to grow and evolve, and Cook Compression is committed to continued research and development to deliver breakthrough valve and sealing technologies that continue to advance the field.

As a result of our long history of R&D efforts, we have been awarded numerous technology patents. Some of our innovations include design breakthroughs like Cook Vortex Cooling® packing cases and MOPPET® compressor valves; material innovations such as TruTech™ high-performance ring materials; and proprietary systems and techniques for component repairs and reconditioning.

To support such developments and prove out our solutions, Cook uses in-house accelerated life cycle testing, flow testing, and fully instrumented test compressors. An in-house materials development laboratory, staffed by materials scientists, furthers not only our introduction of advanced materials but also the quality of our materials processing and manufacturing.

A Heritage of Innovation

Cook Compression carries on the legacy of its founder – inventor C. Lee Cook. In 1888, Cook introduced the first metallic packing for piston rods in locomotives and steamships. In 1923, he brought in a metallurgist to help improve the product. To this day, we continue to combine design advances and materials development to deliver durability and performance.

Timeline of Key Developments