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Valve Installation Tool Featured on Empowering Compressors™

April 21, 2017

Make Valve Handling Safer, More Efficient

The industry information site Empowering Compressors™ is highlighting an injury-preventing innovation from Cook CompresValve Installation Tool featured on Empowering Compressorssion in an informative post: “Safety first! Valve Installation Tool for Top & Bottom Installation & Removal.”

The Cook Valve Installation Tool (V.I.T.) safely and securely holds compressor valves during installation or removal and makes them easier to maneuver into and out of the cylinder. Along the way, it keeps worker’s hands away from dangerous pinch points.

The page on Empowering Compressors™ includes a link to download a full article on the V.I.T. and view videos of top-loaded or bottom-loaded valve installations.

View it here.