Maximize Service Life

Frame and running gear repairs should be performed by a service provider with the knowledge to accurately assess the condition of components and the skill
to recondition them to target specifications.

With more than a century of industry leadership in component manufacturing, repairs and field services, Cook Compression offers unparalleled expertise in
gas compressor equipment and operations.

To help operators maximize service life, Cook Compression provides expert repairs for connecting rods, crossheads and distance pieces.

Connecting Rods

  • Check for surface and structural defects
  • Inspect rod bore to ensure correct size and ovality
  • Machine rod and install new bushings as necessary


  • Inspect bearing surface for proper alignment with crosshead pin
  • Measure diameter and verify clearances
  • Recondition with new babbitt material
  • Repair and resize crosshead slide

Distance Pieces

  • Inspect for structural integrity and alignment
  • Machine, repair and straighten as necessary


  • Cost savings compared to component replacement
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Expert inspection and assessment of components
  • Turnkey service
  • Engineering and technical support