In June, Runtime Engineering, an Authorised Service Partner of Cook Compression, celebrated the grand opening of its Gothenburg, Sweden, repair facility.

Runtime Engineering is a newly formed unit of the Erinova Group dedicated to reciprocating compressor and industrial fan spare parts and services in the Scandinavian market. It is certified by Cook to provide local valve and packing case repairs.

The unit draws on the expertise of its sister companies, Protoma (specializing in industrial sealing solutions) and MLT (focusing on industrial measurement technology), as well as that of Cook Compression.

As part of the grand opening, Cook Compression representatives discussed compressor valve and sealing technologies with local reciprocating compressor end users, and provided hands-on reconditioning demonstrations. End users expressed particular interest in options for packing case upgrades, such as low-emissions rod rings, and the Cook Compression Valve Installation Tool (V.I.T.), which improves safety and efficiency in the valve replacement process.

Runtime Engineering discussed its repair and reconditioning capabilities and provided a tour of the brand-new facility.

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A Runtime Engineering technician demonstrates 3D state-of-the-art scanning technology for measurement of critical dimensions of valve and case parts.

Cook Compression Sales & Service Technician Mark Bowker discusses the valve reconditioning process, including key points for inspection.

Authorised Service Partners have passed a rigorous audit of their processes and equipment, and are held to strict quality standards.