Compressor Valve Overview

Cook Compression is an innovator in the design, manufacture and application of compressor valves. From precision-crafted metal plate valves to the latest high-performance designs with non-metallic internals, we offer solutions for any reciprocating compressor in any type of service.

Cook Compression manufactures complete valve assemblies, as well as plates, discs, rings, buttons, poppets, damper plates, spring plates, leaf springs and other metallic and non-metallic components for any make or model valve.

  • Patented products
  • Valve materials development program
  • Valve analysis, design, upgrades, conversion and reconditioning services
  • Highly qualified engineering staff, including experts with compressor OEM experience
  • Advanced, computerized valve dynamics simulation
  • Sophisticated 3-D CAD modeling
  • Linear and non-linear finite element analysis
  • In-house injection molding
  • Laser profiling and proprietary processes for stress-free metallic plates and discs

Heritage of Innovation

From the creation of the original radiused-disc Manley® valve to the extreme reliability of patented MOPPET® valves, Cook has pioneered developments in designs and materials that yield meaningful improvements in performance.

The tradition continues with the introduction of Ring Damped Valves for high-speed compressors, a groundbreaking technology that outperforms any other valve in both run time and energy efficiency.

See the new Ring Damped Valve for high-speed compressors

Manufacturing Excellence

Cook manufacturing facilities use the most advanced automated equipment, such as state-of-the-art CNC lathes, mills and laser metal cutting systems.

We also perform in-house injection molding of thermoplastic components. To ensure the purity and performance of finished parts, we use only 100% virgin material (no regrind) of the highest quality base resins.

Elite Engineering

Cook Compression provides extensive technical support, with in-house engineering teams backed by CAD, FEA, valve dynamics software and other proprietary engineering tools.

In addition to custom-engineering the products we make, Cook Compression will provide engineering services for valve analysis, upgrades and conversions.

Ring Damped Valve
Cook Manley valve
Cook Compression MOPPET valve