Valve Restraints

For improved safety, better valve retention and reduced fugitive emissions, Cook Compression makes both conventional and HSR high-security valve restraints.

All designs provide stronger retention with less maintenance than ordinary jack-bolt restraints.

  • Conventional styles, as well as custom-engineered HSR designs
  • Easy, economical field retrofits for most compressors
  • Optional configurations for flexibility and economy
  • Designs available for use on cylinders equipped with finger unloaders

Secure Solutions

The HSR design distributes load over multiple studs to significantly reduce typical installation torque requirements. This allows easy, accurate loading of the cage and valve. It is also much less likely to loosen due to vibration than ordinary jack bolts.

  • Reduces torque requirements
  • Makes it easier to torque studs accurately
  • Less likely to loosen during operation

Emissions Control

Cook valve restraints more effectively control fugitive emissions. The rough surfaces on the center threads of jack bolts make it difficult to achieve a complete seal using gaskets. In contrast, Cook restraints are equipped with O-rings that have smooth surfaces and more effective sealing ability.

HSR Valve Restraint Information Sheet

Valve Restraint
Valve Restraint
Valve Restraint