Valve Installation Tool

Protect workers and improve the efficiency of compressor valve installation and removal.

Compressor valve installation and removal is a leading cause of workplace injuries in gas compression operations. Awkward angles, heavy parts, hot, greasy surfaces and dangerous pinch points combine to increase the risk of serious injury to extremities and cause overexertion injuries from lifting, pushing and holding valves in place.

Now there’s a safer, simpler and more efficient way to handle compressor valves. The Cook Valve Installation Tool (V.I.T.) makes it easy to securely hold, move and align compressor valves when installing or removing them from the cylinder.

The Safe, Easy Way to Handle Valves

Bottom-Loaded Valve Installation

Top-Loaded Valve Installation

Avoid Hazards, Gain Efficiency

The V.I.T. is safer because the full weight of the compressor valve is supported by the tool. This is crucial for valves in the lower position on the cylinder, where personnel otherwise have to continuously lift and hold valves in position.

The V.I.T. also maneuvers the valve into and out of the seat area, keeping workers’ hands safely away from tight clearances in the valve port. All it takes is a handheld drill to move the valve into place.

Easy to Use

Whether the valve is bottom- or top-loaded on the cylinder, the V.I.T. allows valves to be installed or removed safely. Typically in less than 10 minutes.

  • Safe, fast and simple
  • Protects parts from accidental damage
  • Requires only one worker and overhead crane

V.I.T. Information Sheet