Solid Ring Technology

Solid packing rings minimize reciprocating compressor gas leakage at its primary source – in the packing case along the piston rod.

Improved Sealing

Unlike traditional radial and tangent cut rings, uncut rings have no gaps, eliminating leak paths. In addition, the compressive properties of the ring materials are engineered to provide sealing with less frictional load than traditional rod rings. As a result, Solid Ring Technology seals more effectively, especially at higher pressures.

Reduced Friction

Cook Compression Solid Ring Technology combines up to four rings in a single groove in the packing case. In each ring set, the rings seal sequentially based on pressure, reducing frictional heat load by minimizing the number of rings in contact with the rod at any one time.

The increased sealing capacity of each ring set allows fewer cups and rings to be used. The first ring set does most of the sealing, reducing the pressure applied to subsequent rings.

Cooler, Longer Performance

Solid Ring Technology allows packing assemblies to run cooler, which reduces wear, extends run times and decreases maintenance costs. Piston rod temperature reductions of up to 100°F (38°C) compared to traditional rings have been observed.

Two Styles, Tailored Designs

The patented Solid Ring Technology is available in two styles: BTUU rings for neck-down compressor rods and BTRR rings for other compressor rods.

Rings are then engineered to each application. Design considerations include pressure drop between packing rings, packing ring geometry, and material selection for proper activation and loading of each ring.


  • Reduces leakage for improved throughput and emissions compliance
  • Reduces piston rod temperatures
  • Extends packing life
  • Reduces the number of packing rings needed

Solid Ring Technology Controls Emissions, Lasts Longer

Solid Ring Technology Yields Solid Results in Reducing Leakage

Solid Ring Technology Doubles Packing Life in Dirty Gas Application

Solid Ring Technology