Oil Wiper Packing

Wiper packing plays a critical role in maintaining compressor reliability by preventing crankcase oil from entering the pressure packing.

Pressure between the wiper and rod allows formation of only a thin liquid film. The wiper scrapes liquid from the rod surface and directs it through through radial notches on the ring sides to a drain.

Cook Compression wiper rings are optimized for each application and constructed of materials, such as TruTech™ 3110 material, that provide the optimum balance of strength, flexibility and durability.

Dual-Purpose RTV Oil Wiper Packing

RTV oil wiper packing effectively removes lubricating oil film from the compressor rod while creating a continuous gas seal between the crankcase and distance piece. This dual function virtually eliminates oil leakage as well as the harmful effects of fugitive emissions.

Single-Groove Solution for Superior Performance

RTV wiper packing provides a complete oil wiping/gas sealing solution in a compact, single-groove assembly.

A proprietary knife-edge geometry on the first ring of the three-ring assembly allows RTV packing to remove virtually all of the oil film wherever it contacts the rod. In addition, by remaining in a fixed position, RTV packing eliminates the “pumping action” that plagues other wipers and forces oil past the wiper packing.

The single-groove design creates a more reliable gas seal than any two- or three-groove oil wiper packing. The only way to achieve a more secure seal is with nitrogen or other buffered arrangements, which are available with custom RTV packing configurations.

RTV packing is available in many of the most common groove sizes, making retrofit an easy process that usually requires no modification of the case.

All RTV ring materials are constructed of high-performance engineered thermoplastics, providing unmatched oil removal in a non-metallic, non-galling wiper that will never damage the rod.

Advantages of RTV Oil Wiper Packing

  • Improves compressor reliability; reduces downtime
  • Reduces oil consumption and costs
  • Reduces cleanup and disposal costs
  • Reduces fugitive emissions
  • Improves regulatory compliance
  • Provides protection for oil-free processing applications
  • Prevents oil dilution and contamination
  • Improves safety

RTV Oil Wiper Packing Information Sheet