Low-Emissions Compressor Rod Packing

Minimize reciprocating compressor gas leakage at its primary source – in the packing case along the piston rod – with Cook Compression low-emissions rod packing.

  • Improve emissions compliance
  • Retain valuable gas
  • Increase efficiency
  • Extend packing life
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Solid Sealing

The patented, gapless design of Cook Compression low-emissions packing eliminates leak paths, sealing more effectively and reducing fugitive emissions below measurable limits.

This helps operators comply with EPA requirements (GHG Reporting rule: Subpart W, 40 CFR Part 98) and boosts profitability by retaining valuable gas that would otherwise be lost through the vent.

Cooler, Longer Performance

In each ring set, the rings seal sequentially based on pressure, minimizing the number of rings in contact with the rod at any one time and limiting the amount of time any single ring is in contact.

This sophisticated sealing mechanism reduces frictional heat load and allows packing assemblies to run cooler, which reduces wear, extends run times and decreases maintenance costs. Piston rod temperature reductions of up to 100°F (38°C) compared to traditional rings have been observed.

The increased sealing capacity of each ring also set allows fewer cups and rings to be used. The first ring set does most of the sealing, reducing the pressure applied to subsequent rings and eliminating wear.

How Sequential Loading Works

Tailored Designs

Cook low-emissions rod packing is available in several configurations:

  • BTUU and CUU rings (sometimes referred to as solid ring or uncut ring technology) for neck-down compressor rods
  • BTRR and CRR rings for other compressor rods

Rings are then engineered to each application. Design considerations include pressure drop between packing rings, packing ring geometry, and material selection for proper activation and loading of each ring.

Solid Ring Technology Controls Emissions, Lasts Longer

Solid Ring Technology Yields Solid Results in Reducing Leakage

Solid Ring Technology Doubles Packing Life in Dirty Gas Application

Solid Ring Technology
Sequential Loading of Low-Emissions Rod Packing
Sequential Loading