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New! Windrock Platinum™ Online Monitoring System

Windrock introduces the Platinum™ system, an innovative online monitoring platform used to protect and assess the health of reciprocating and rotating machinery. The system offers an array of powerful features, with technology based on trusted Windrock portable analyzers.

“The Platinum system utilizes advancements derived from Windrock On-Guard™ and 6320 portable analyzers, as well as RECIP-TRAP® analyzers,” explains Windrock General Manager Ed Flanagan. “It acquires and filters data exactly the same way. That allows the use of industry-standard vibration filters, FFT vibration analysis and trending cylinder leak index, plus much more.

“Like our On-Guard and 6320 analyzers, the Platinum system uses Windrock MD™ diagnostic software – giving users one familiar interface for all of their online and portable monitoring systems.”

The Platinum system offers a virtually unlimited combination of data acquisition channels for pressure, vibration, temperature and proximity. It is the first online system to incorporate ultrasonic data, a time-tested diagnostic tool that engineers and analysts have relied on to identify and positively confirm valve, ring and other types of leakage. The system also provides real-time data and event playback, as well as smart features such as self-monitoring diagnostics and redundancy of critical components.

The system offers machine protection and shutdown capabilities from multiple measurement points, such as cylinder pressure and vibration. It has flexible options for shutdown warnings, alarms and trip relays, allowing machine protection to be custom-configured for specific user needs. To prevent false alarms, the system performs continuous sensor condition evaluation.

Platinum systems are designed to comply with hazardous area and SIL requirements.

To learn more, see the new online monitoring systems brochure, contact your Windrock representative, or call +1 865-330-1100.