Manufacturing Footprint

Cook Compression operates ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing centers and has key locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Each facility employs stringent quality assurance procedures and promotes continuous improvement through methodologies such as 5S and Lean Manufacturing.

  • Advanced automated equipment
  • Highly trained and experienced production personnel
  • In-house injection and compression molding capabilities
  • Strategically located service and repair centers
  • 24/7/365 factory and technical support
  • Global sales, distribution and support network

Equipped for Precision

Cook Compression invests heavily each year in capital equipment to expand capacity and improve quality in our manufacturing facilities.

Cook uses the latest high-speed, high-precision automated equipment, such as multiplex CNC machines and state-of-the-art laser metal cutting systems.

To maintain control over every aspect of production, Cook performs in-house injection and compression molding of PEEK®, PTFE and other thermoplastic components. Molding capabilities include custom-blending and ultrasonic material testing.

Built for Responsiveness

Manufacturing facilities are strategically located around the world to provide cost-efficiency and fast turnaround.

Factory and technical support is available, around-the-clock throughout the year.

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