Pipeline Transmission

Maintaining a competitive edge in natural gas pipeline operations requires optimum performance from reciprocating compressors to maximize throughput.

In more than 50 years of service to the pipeline industry, Cook Compression has helped increase reliability, boost efficiency, improve environmental compliance and reduce overall costs of service.

Emissions Solutions

Cook Compression offers proven solutions for achieving emissions objectives. Sentrix™ flow measurement technology accurately quantifies leakage associated with compressor seals, while engineered sealing systems improve emissions control.

Cook’s advanced sealing technologies include:

Advanced Compressor Valve Designs

High-speed compressors operating in pipeline applications put significant stress on the compressor valves. The Cook Compression Ring Damped Valve uses a patented damping ring to slow the velocity of the sealing element during valve opening, which minimizes impact forces applied on the sealing element and extends valve life. It also allows the valve to run at higher lifts and increase the effective flow area, producing higher efficiency and reducing the required horsepower.

Field Service and Factory Repairs

Cook Compression can provide comprehensive mechanical support with field services that include portable machining to re-bore and re-line cylinders, installation and start-up work, scheduled maintenance and turnkey upgrades.

Factory repairs include packing case and valve reconditioning, as well as rod and piston repairs, to restore components to the tightest tolerances.

Solid Ring Technology Controls Emissions, Lasts Longer

Single-Source Pipeline Compressor Solutions

Mechanical Field Services