Chemical and Petrochemical Processing

In the processing and production of ethylene, propylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, ammonia, chlorine and other chemicals, a wide range of reciprocating compressors may be employed. While operating conditions can be greatly varied, common among these application is the likelihood of dirty service and the need for specialized engineering of components to extend service life. High pressures may combined with toxic and/or corrosive gases to lead to rapid ring wear and increased leakage.

Cook Compression can increase mean time between repair (MTBR) with advanced designs and proprietary materials – and can also provide compressor assessment to identify opportunities for improving performance.

TruTech 3330 Engineered Materials

High-performance TruTech™ 3330 is a proprietary polymer alloy that delivers extended service life for sealing components in non-lubricated compressors. Components made from TruTech 3330 have delivered longer, more reliable service in a wide range of dry gases, including hydrocarbon mixtures, ammonia and ethylene.

Service Lube (Yes/No) Product Type Discharge (psi) Avg Speed (ft/min) Comments
Isobutane N Piston rings, rider rings 225 750 3x improvement over filled PTFE
Ethylene N Piston rings, rider rings 195 814 3x improvement over filled PTFE
Carbon dioxide N Piston rings, rider rings, packing rings 240 430 6x improvement over filled PTFE
Ethylene N Piston rings 200 788 4x improvement

Low-Emissions Rod Packing

Using Cook’s patented gapless rod packing improves sealing effectiveness, decreases leakage and reduces frictional loading against the rod. Ultimately, the ring technology extends packing life by lowering the rod temperature.

Valves for Sticky Gas

The Manley® radiused-disc compressor valve have proven performance in the high pressures and sticky gas associated with ethylene and propylene service, and in hydrogen and hydrogen-rich compressors. The valve body, springs and bolts are constructed from alloys carefully selected for their high resistance to corrosion; plastic internals are available for chlorine compressors. In addition, flow area, spring force clearance volume and lift area are engineered for each application to generate flow, as well as reliability, improvements.

The MOPPET® valve also provides excellent service in high-pressure applications, delivering long life by combining advantages of the Manley valve with key benefits of poppet valves. Materials are selected to resist corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement, and damage from debris, while the customized flow path maximizes gas volume.

Upgrade Boosts Unit Productivity Up to 30% at Polymers Plant

Redesign Extends Run Time for Non-Lubricated Hydrogen Chloride Compressor

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