In 1888, inventor Charles Lee Cook founded the C. Lee Cook company. The company was the producer of the first metallic packing used on piston rods for locomotives and steamships.

In 1955, C. Lee Cook became one of the founding companies of Dover Corporation. Fred Durham, a metallurgist who joined C. Lee Cook in 1923 to develop a more durable metal composite and who bought the company in 1928, became the first CEO of Dover Corporation.

Today’s Cook Compression was formed in 2007 from four previously independent operating companies owned by Dover Corporation: C. Lee Cook; Cook Valve (formerly Cook Manley and Compressor Valve Engineering/CVE); Compressor Components Incorporated (CCI), and American Industrial Components.

In 2009, Cook Compression acquired Mechanical Field Services, LP, a provider of repair, maintenance and overhaul services for reciprocating and rotating equipment.

Today, Cook Compression continues the legacy of invention and firsts, and is dedicated to leveraging industry-leading engineering, manufacturing and service to give you the best possible compressor and engine reliability.

A Heritage of Innovation

Cook introduces first floating seal in steam engines

Cook becomes part of Dover Corporation


Cook creates Static-Pac® Shutdown Seal

Static Pac Seal

MOPPET® compressor valve introduced

Moppet valve

Cook develops Vortex Cooling™ technology for packing cases

Cook creates BTUU low-leak packing rings


Solid Ring Technology

RTV Oil Wiper Packing designed as oil wiping/gas sealing solution

Cook acquires Mechanical Field Services, LP


Cook Mechanical Field Services

Cook opens China manufacturing operation in Suzhou

Cook develops TruTech™ line of advanced materials

TruTech Engineered Materials

Cook opens Abu Dhabi service center

Cook introduces Ring Damped Valve

Ring Damped Valve