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Emissions Problems Need Custom Solutions

Every emissions problem is unique. No one-size-fits-all remedy can address differences in machinery, applications, environments and objectives. What’s more, emissions often originate from multiple sources, and several steps may be required to achieve the level of control you need.

That is why Cook Compression takes an engineered approach to emissions solutions. We have the ability to analyze your machinery and operating environment – and apply the optimal solution to meet your emissions goals.

Expert Consultation

Cook experts assess your situation and consult with you on options to restore emissions compliance.

For engines, Cook Compression performs stack testing with a full range of exhaust emissions-related services to assess environmental compliance.

For compressors, Cook offers advanced Sentrix™ portable, inline and insertion flow meters to detect and quantify compressor seal leakage. Sentrix meters are convenient, cost-effective solutions for meeting US EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule: Subpart W (40 CFR Part 98). The high accuracy of thermal mass flow measurement satisfies BAMM (Best Available Measurement Methods) requirements and is the only technology capable of measuring extreme low leakage from packing cases.

If emissions are higher than acceptable, Cook has a broad line of engineered components and systems to correct problems and enhance emissions control.

Cook also offers acclaimed Windrock on-line monitoring systems, portable analyzers and diagnostic services to pinpoint mechanical and performance issues contributing to emissions and impacting efficiency.

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Emissions Testing