Component Service & Upgrades

Cook Compression offers industry-leading technology for environmental compliance. From measuring and controlling greenhouse gases escaping through packing cases to testing and reducing exhaust emissions from engines, Cook has the resources to solve your most challenging emissions problems in compressors and engines.

Expert Repair and Service

Improved repair processes and routine service can significantly enhance emissions compliance.

Gas leakage in compressors is not always caused by worn rod rings. Component wear on case and rod assemblies also contributes to fugitive emissions. Cook provides factory repair services for packing cases, pistons, rods and valves, as well as complete cylinder overhauls. Components are restored to factory specifications and cylinders are pressure tested to verify sealing performance.

Cook Compression also offers field mechanical services for scheduled maintenance and re-boring and re-lining cylinders.

Cylinder services

Engineered Components and Systems

To correct problems and upgrade emissions control, Cook has a broad line of engineered components and systems.

Gas Producer Hits Emissions Targets with Cook

COOK CLEAN packing case emissions solution