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Cook Compression Limited (U.K.) Terms and Conditions of Sale


The purchaser identified on the face of the order (“Purchaser”) agrees to purchase, and the supplier identified on the face of the order (“Supplier”), agrees to sell the goods, materials, equipment and machinery (“Goods”) and/or provide the services (“Services”) described in the purchase order including in any document, drawing or Schedule referred to or incorporated by reference in the purchase order (collectively, the “Order”), subject to the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, available for download below.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions


At Cook Compression, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation (“Dover”), we are strongly opposed to the use of forced, bonded, involuntary, prison or indentured labor. At Cook Compression, we are constantly evaluating our supply chain to assess various compliance risks, including those related to slavery and human trafficking. The following information describes our company’s efforts to date and our future plans to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from our supply chain:

  • As a supplement to our ongoing compliance training programs, we will, beginning in 2012, implement training for our supply chain personnel focusing specifically on slavery and human trafficking issues and ways to mitigate, to the greatest extent possible, these elements from our supply chain.
  • We are educating our suppliers and recently adopted the Dover Supplier Code of Conduct, which addresses our commitment to seek out business partners who share our values and specifically prohibits our suppliers from using forced, bonded, involuntary, prison, or indentured labor.
  • Dover’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics requires our employees to comply with employment-related laws, including those related to wages, hours, and minimum age requirements. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and our use of the Supplier Code of Conduct are important steps in gaining supplier compliance.
  • We take violations of our Codes very seriously. For example, violations of the Supplier Code may result in termination of the supplier relationship, while violations of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics may result in termination of employment.
  • While we are not currently verifying, auditing or requiring our suppliers to certify that their products and services comply with local laws regarding slavery and human trafficking, we will continue to assess our supply chain for areas of improvement in eradicating slavery and human trafficking, and will continue to expect our suppliers and employees to do the same.

Transparency in Supply Chains Disclosure


The Dover Supplier Code of Conduct is an extension of the Dover Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The Code establishes the standards for conducting business with Dover, including its segments, platforms, operating companies, and subsidiaries. Dover seeks out and expects that its suppliers use this Code as a guide for ethical, responsible, and legal business practices in their operations.

This Supplier Code does not alter any of the terms and conditions in applicable agreements, nor does it create contractual rights for suppliers or others. Dover will update this Supplier Code periodically and will expect suppliers to stay current.

Dover Supplier Code Of Conduct

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