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Cook Compression Ellesmere Port Earns Achilles UVDB Qualification

Achilles UVDB QualifiedAugust 6, 2018

Cook Compression Ellesmere Port is proud to have achieved Achilles UVDB qualification to supply products and services associated with condition monitoring and reciprocating compressors. While we have long been listed by Achilles, we pursued this augmented qualification as a utilities supplier to demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards in health and safety, compliance, and corporate social responsibility. UVDB is a vendor database that supports qualification by carrying out high-level audits, thus providing customers with increased confidence in the capabilities of the vendor.

The two-day audit performed as part of the Cook Compression Ellesmere Port qualification placed particular emphasis on site safety. With more than 1,500 days without a recordable incident, our Ellesmere Port facility is proud of its robust safety culture. Through continuous training and engagement, employees have developed an acute awareness of risks and hazards. Facility personnel systematically perform risk assessments and safety reviews, in addition to implementing improvements identified through safety behavioural observation (SBO) audits.

The standards for Achilles UVDB qualification provide a more in-depth audit than those set by OHSAS 18001:2007 and are more akin to the type of audit experienced at the OEM level. The auditor commented that our facility did exceptionally well for a first-time audit. Of particular note were the electronic behaviour based safety (EBBS) system recently implemented across Cook Compression and its parent company Dover Precision Components; the Ellesmere Port facility’s Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) database supported by Alcumus; and the facility’s Tier 3 plant review board.

Our new status as an Achilles UVDB-qualified supplier gives our customers added certainty that we meet the highest standards, and it will allow Cook Compression to develop new opportunities that confirm our standing as an integrated service provider for our UK aftermarket customers.

Meet Claudius van den Berk, Regional Sales Manager, EU Aftermarket

August 6, 2018

Claudius van den BerkName: Claudius van den Berk
Company Role: Regional Sales Manager, EU Aftermarket
Based out of: The Netherlands
Number of Years with Cook Compression: 1

What three words would you use to describe your role?
Traveling, mind-reading, exploring.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
The challenge to get trust which leads to business. The eagerness to connect with people, promote our products and discover new business. The long list of “to do’s”.

What common challenge in the industry do you want to fix for your customers?
As my focus is on Aftermarket solutions, the challenge is to improve machine performance. Reduce waste, pollution, energy consumption. Improve uptime, time between maintenance. Raise reliability and minimize breakdowns. Working in Aftermarket service organisations for about 30 years, I have developed a good understanding of machine maintenance, which I use to “feel” the message between the lines in conversations with customers.

Where did you get your start in the industry?
After my time in the Dutch army, I started as an international service technician for a Dutch company in process control systems. In the 30 years since, my roles have slowly changed from in-depth technical focussed to commercial focussed, for several global operating companies. Before moving to Cook Compression, I did project and account management. My last position was with Howden Compressors which gave me broad knowledge on process gas compressors. I like the international aftermarket work because it requires a broad knowledge of machine construction throughout the years and an understanding of the specific operation and maintenance needs of very diverse machinery, at customers with very diverse cultures.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
This would probably be a three- to four-year project at a printing plant in the U.S. In those days I worked for a U.S. company that produced rotation offset printing presses. We did plant upgrades worldwide to raise productivity and efficiency, getting ready for a new future. This particular project started with lots of problems and I was assigned to resolve this. It ended up being quite a success and the customer named us their best-performing capital goods and service supplier.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day means I’m traveling and spending time at customers. This is mainly in the EU region but sometimes a bit further; I just returned from supporting a Cook partner with a compressor upgrade project in Kazakhstan. I use my technical knowledge and commercial insight to assess the needs and possibilities at the site and gather the information needed for our organisation to compile a strong proposal to improve machine performance.

What do you like about working at Cook Compression?
Working with the Cook Compression Ellesmere Port team means I can enjoy the short communication lines of a smaller team but at the same time have the backup and knowledge of the global Dover Precision Components organisation. The internal communication is always very pleasant, and I feel part of a very knowledgeable organisation which can teach me a lot. I’m able to be myself and bring my knowledge back to the organisation and reach mutual growth. Working for Cook Compression for me means getting stronger in my role and delivering my knowledge to others.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
There is not much time left outside of work with all the traveling but when possible, you can find me on one of my motorcycles. Either a trip through Europe or track days on a circuit. In the winter I like to be Alpine skiing in the Alps or Dolomites, and when I’m home you can find me on a mountain bike. I used to do some sky diving, but it is difficult to find time for this.

Runtime Engineering Grand Opening: Delivering Cook’s Expertise Locally

3D scanning technology for measuring critical dimensions
A Runtime Engineering technician demonstrates 3D state-of-the-art scanning technology for measurement of critical dimensions of valve and case parts.

July 31, 2018

In June, Runtime Engineering, an Authorised Service Partner of Cook Compression, celebrated the grand opening of its Gothenburg, Sweden, repair facility.

Runtime Engineering is a newly formed unit of the Erinova Group dedicated to reciprocating compressor and industrial fan spare parts and services in the Scandinavian market. It is certified by Cook to provide local valve and packing case repairs.

The unit draws on the expertise of its sister companies, Protoma (specializing in industrial sealing solutions) and MLT (focusing on industrial measurement technology), as well as that of Cook Compression.

As part of the grand opening, Cook Compression representatives discussed compressor valve and sealing technologies with local reciprocating compressor end users, and provided hands-on reconditioning demonstrations. End users expressed particular interest in options for packing case upgrades, such as low-emissions rod rings, and the Cook Compression Valve Installation Tool (V.I.T.), which improves safety and efficiency in the valve replacement process.

Runtime Engineering discussed its repair and reconditioning capabilities and provided a tour of the brand-new facility.

Read more about the Authorised Service Partner Program.

Discussing the valve reconditioning process
Cook Compression Sales & Service Technician Mark Bowker discusses the valve reconditioning process, including key points for inspection.

Runtime service center
Authorised Service Partners have passed a rigorous audit of their processes and equipment, and are held to strict quality standards.