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Your Source for Optimum Compressor Performance

Cook Compression views compressor performance the way you do…
It’s not about maintenance. It’s about improvement.

To that end, we offer a complete package of services, products, technology and expertise – backed by a commitment to optimize everything we do for your machines.

Instead of simply replacing parts, you can boost efficiency. Instead of only making repairs, you can extend service life. Instead of struggling to meet regulations, you can make meaningful advances in safety and environmental compliance. And instead of continually responding to emergencies, you can monitor and ensure long-term reliability.

Best-In-Class Products and Services

Cook Compression supplies an array of high-quality compressor components, including valves, packing rings, piston rings, rider bands, oil wipers, piston rods, pistons, packing cases, cylinders and liners. Cook also provides the services and systems to install, control, monitor, maintain and repair them.

Cook Compression is the only resource you need to enhance the performance of large-horsepower compressors made by any manufacturer, in any service, anywhere in the world.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Cook Compression is uniquely qualified to deliver the engineering support, services and products your compressors need.

In more than 100 years of service to the gas compression industry, we have amassed unequaled technology and expertise. Our engineering teams consist of compression industry specialists and include a number of engineers with compressor OEM experience. This allows us to analyze the performance and reliability of your entire compressor – not just the components.

Our proficiency includes the machinery as well as the applications encountered in refining, petrochemical, gas gathering and processing, pipelines, air separation,  and chemical and industrial operations.

Global Footprint

With representatives and factory-certified service centers worldwide, Cook Compression meets the needs of any reciprocating compressor, anywhere in the world.

Valve design and optimization
Complete Compressor Component Supplier
Ring Damped Valve components


Engineered Products

  • Patented technologies
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing centers in North America and Europe
  • Lean manufacturing and 5S methodology
  • Products include all components ‘from the crosshead out’
  • Broad range of emissions solutions

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